Toni Italiano is Jammin With Charlie. From humble beginnings, consisting of a four track-recording studio in the back streets of North Perth, Western Australia, Toni started SSL Studios. It steadily evolved into a 24 track recording studio now known as Pet Rock Studios.
Toni spent many years playing bass guitar during the 80’s and mixing live bands in and around the venues of Perth, meeting many musicians and friends on the way. In 1989, he met pop maestro Dom Mariani (formerly of The Stems) and recorded the demos for Dom’s band, ‘The Someloves’, album, ‘Something Or Other’. He subsequently played bass on the album and performed with The Someloves on their live shows. In time, with the accompaniment of Toni on bass, The Someloves evolved into ‘Orange’ that then mutated to Perth power pop legends ‘DM3’ in 1992. Whilst enjoying a healthy live following in Perth and recording with the band, the success of DM3 took Toni on various tours throughout the world, touring the capital cities of Australia with Jelly Fish and Died Pretty plus tours to Spain, Italy, Sweden, France and the famous Roskilde Festival in Copenhagen.
Toni was also instrumental in reforming national pop legends ‘The Stems’ for their first comeback tour after their slit in 1987.
In 1996, armed with the masters from DM3’s studio work, Toni travelled to America to work on the mix down of their second LP, ‘Road To Rome’’, with respected producer Mitch Easter (known for his production work with REM). During that time with Mitch in the studio, he discovered many inventive production techniques and when he finally called it a day with DM3, he utilized this knowledge to dedicate the following years concentrating on his media company plus recording and producing albums for many bands.
In 2016 with guitar in hand and his professionally recorded backing track (CHARLIE), he launched his solo and duo act as ‘Jammin With Charlie’ and performs a range of covers from the 60’s to 00’s to suite any occasion and venue.